Perseo Winter School

perseo winter school
23-25 March 2022 - online format

Ethics and Interdisciplinary Research Methods for Personalized Robotics.

Organised by: University of Vienna, Research Group on Philosophy of Media and Technology and Noosware BV, Amsterdam

The PERSEO Winter School offers a new forum for learning, exchange and in-depth investigation of technological, methodological, and ethical aspects of personalized human-robot interaction, with the goal to understand and critically evaluate the opportunities and challenges in personal robotics.

Keynote Speakers Lecture Title Video
Prof. Tony Belpaeme (Ghent University, NL; University of Plymouth, UK)
The Promise and Challenges of Social Robots
Dr. Esther Keymolen (Tilburg University, NL)
In Search of Practical Wisdom for Personal Robotics
Prof. Alessandra Sciutti (Istituto italiano di Tecnologia, IT))
Adaptation in Cognitive Robotics: To Whom and to What Extent
Prof. Angelo Cangelosi (PERSEO Team - University of Manchester, UK)
Developmental Robotics for Language Learning, Trust and Theory of Mind
Dr. Giulia Perugia (Eindhoven University of Technology, NL)
Gendering Humanoid Robots: Binary Norms and Representation Issues
Prof. Mark Coeckelbergh (Universität Wien , AT)
The Ubuntu Robot: How to Do Intercultural Robotics
Dr. Bojana Romic (Malmö University, SE)
Here Comes an Electronic Artist! – Communicating Discourses about Robots Involved in a Creative Process
Dr. Eugenia Stamboliev (Universität Wien, AT)
A Performative Ethics of Care Robots